In Speaking Module, there will be one to one interaction with the examiner for few minutes. It contains follow up questions related to the cue card will be asked from the candidate.


General Training Reading test comprises of questions, which are to be solved within a particular given time. All together there are various sections to solve exam.


In Listening, the conversations will be based on booking arrangements, student services, research projects, university lectures and many more.


In Writing there will be Report Writing for Academic student in which data will be provided in the form of Pie chart, Bar graph, Tabular data, Line graph, Map and Pictorial data.

Courses/Services We Offer

Helping Life Institute is a most trust worthy institution in Jalandhar where various english tests coaching is to be given. We have different courses and services panel listed below.


IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is a test of English language for people who want to go abroad.


The PTE is a computer based test of English. It is designed to assess the level of english for candidates who want to study abroad.


Today English became the first international language for all around the world. So it's almost required on an international platform.


Test of English as Foreign Language assesses the English aptitude of students whose native language is not english. TOEFL is North American based Test.


CELPIP is an English Language proficiency evaluating tool to judge the test takers efficiency in four components.


Other than various english tests preparation we do provide training in popular NANNY course which is quite in demand through out the world.

Helping Life Institute

Helping Life Institute offers a complete language booster programs for students or aspirants who are willing to go abroad for study. Helping Life Institute helps acquaint learners with basic skills to make the transition from a novice to an abstract thinker, emphasizes motivation over knowledge and delivers benefits beyond formal education system per se, i.e., positive effects on school based learning, and on broader aspects of language's development including achievement motivation, self-reliance, and ability to concentrate. We strongly believe that every student can learn english very easily, if trained correctly and in the right manner. Our professionals share and commit a lot of quality time to help students improve their language learning ability through scientifically designed creative methodologies (that are the hallmark of Helping Life).